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When I Grow Up
Bull magazine (Aust), September issue 2013

Each issue we find somebody with a profession that is a bit left of centre. This month we chat to Niki Gudex - with several dream careers in one. "Now I have much more opportunity to express my own creative vision..."


The 100 Hottest Female Athletes of All Time
Complex Sports (USA), March 7, 2013

"You'll be forgiven if you have not heard of Gudex prior to seeing her on this list. It's not as if Mountain Biking is the most popular women's sport out there. Nevertheless, this Australian beauty has managed to win a host of different races while also maintaining side jobs as both a model and graphic designer. While we can't speak to the quality of her design work, we can tell you definitively that she takes a mean picture. The editors of the Australian edition of FHM agree with us, as they tabbed Gudex as one of the 100 sexiest women in the world every single year from 2002 through 2006." Check it out >>>


Top 12 Female Athletes
Top News (Russia), February 8, 2012

"Russia's choice of the hottest, charming and attractive world-famous girls who have devoted their lives to their sport". Check it out >>>


Adrenalin Fix
KiteGirl magazine (US), February issue 2012

"Professional Australian mountain biker, Niki Gudex shares her passion on the thrill of the ride."


A Space For Meditation
Ultrafit magazine, January issue 2012

Meditation, great for overall wellbeing, many athletes are also using it for racing and training performance. "I began to see it was what I needed to go deeper and to bring more balance to my life."


Dr Cotton Limited Edition Niki Gudex Tee
October 2011

Wade Lewis x Dr Cotton for a limited edition run of t shirts featuring Niki.

Check it out >>>


Board Babes Niki Gudex
Enthused magazine (US), September 2, 2011

"For this week Enthuzed mag is featuring Niki Gudex, a professional mountain biker (yeah I'll count that as a board babe). Honestly you don't see too many hotties who mountain bike, but that makes Niki 10x hotter. I thought that she would be a great feature for Enthuzed, she rips and lives life to the fullest. I mean mountain bikers count as board babes right? Niki Representing all female athletes out there." Check it out >>>


The Ten Sexiest Women In Sports
Men's Health magazine (US), June 22, 2011

"Summer sports are full of gorgeous women, so quit hanging out on the sidelines. The world-class athletes on these pages have our attention for two good reasons: Not only do they look great, but they also know what it takes to succeed physically—and they want you to keep up with them." Niki Gudex #4 Sport: Mountain Biking Record: Top 10 All-Mountain World Championship (2008) "I love to challenge guys physically," this Australian cyclist says. "I was once training with a guy who started foaming at the mouth." She'd assumed he was drinking milk, but in hindsight realizes he might have been overexerted. Check it out >>>


Peru Revisited, Mar 31, 2011

"One of the best parts of being a photographer is being invited to document fun and interesting things. The idea of traveling to document huge descents and culture, in a place that has thousands of years of history, was an exciting one. In 2005 I was fortunate to go to Peru as a photographer for a Bike Magazine feature. With a crew consisting of Lou Mazzante (writer), Adrian Montgomery (Scott Marketing), Niki Gudex (rider), Walker Ferguson (rider), myself and KB our local tour guide and host, it was sure to be an eventful 10 days. I hadn't spent too much time researching the area, I like going into new places fresh, but I also knew the others had spent ample time researching. This feature was shot on slide film, Fuji Velvia 100F, so might have a bit of a different look then you are use to on Pinkbike, but that's how we did it not so long ago."


In Good Company - Urban Design Clinic
Object Gallery (Australia) February 2011

The Object Gallery in Sydney, Australia ran some Urban Design Clinics. Looking at "Design in everyday life, exploring either coffee, cycling or food."


A Vehicle For Change
Women's Health & Fitness magazine, October issue 2010

If multitasking is anyone's middle name, it belongs to biker-chick Niki Gudex. "I am so passionate about mountain biking and cycling. Bikes are a great vehicle for change."

Check it out >>>


Niki Gudex Interview
Biker magazine (Slovakia), Issue 4, 2010

Slovakian mountain bike and lifestyle magazine talks to Niki about what makes her happy. Check it out >>>


The Bike Rack as Art
Design Competition, Powerhouse Museum, August 2010

Creative, street-savvy designers have the opportunity to elevate the humble bike rack into a glorious work of urban art, as part of an Australia-wide design competition launched by the Powerhouse Museum and the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW. This competition is being held as part of the NSW BikePlan, the State's largest ever program of bicycle projects and activities to promote bike use. Enter now >>>


Top 10: Hottest Australian Women In Sport June 2010

"Australia has produced some of the hottest sportswomen on the planet. They come from disciplines as varied as snowboarding, golf, soccer and pole vaulting but they all have one thing in common: hotness. Due to the physical nature of their professions and the need for a healthy lifestyle, sportswomen tend to be jaw-droppingly fit and also incredibly talented. They sacrifice a normal lifestyle for one of restrictive diets, strenuous gym sessions and torn muscles, all in the name of sporting glory." Check it out >>>


Biker Chic
Goodlife magazine, Autumn 8 Issue 2010

"Never happier than when off the beaten track, graphic designer, model, artist and champion mountain biker Niki ‘Dingo’ Gudex gives an insight into what it’s like getting down and dirty." Check it out >>>


350 Riders
January 2010

Join Niki in throwing your support behind a 350 event in your country. "Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for humanity. You can learn more about 350 – what it means, where it came from, and how to get there." Go 350 >>>


G4TV'S Top Ten Hottest Summer Athletes
Attack of the Show - G4TV, January 2010

In what's been a smokin' start to 2010, Niki has been named by G4TV as their number one hottest summer athlete. Niki edged out beauties such as Danica Patrick and Ana Ivanovic to finish numero uno in a genetically blessed top ten. "So as long as Niki Gudex is riding, spandex will still have a place on this earth" Check out the countdown here >>>


La Top Ten Delle Sportive Piu Sexy
Italian Sky Sport, December 2009

The Italians are known for their good taste, and true to their reputation they've included Niki in their top 10 sexiest sportswomen of 2009. Check out Italian Sky Sports top ten beauties >>>


For Art's Sake
December 2009

An exhibition of works by emerging and established artists, people with a disability, frans friends, families and supporters. Niki's work was included amongst the 300 anonymous artworks that were auctioned, with proceeds going towards enhancing FRANS disability support services in Sydney.


December 2009

Possibly in recognition of Niki's frequent trips to ride the sweet trails of Whistler and surrounds, Canadians have voted her their number 3 hottest sportswoman on Sportsnet. "For the first time ever, you'll be grateful that spandex is the official uniform for mountain bikers everywhere" See more here >>>


Looking Out For Each Other
[R]evolution magazine, Issue 18, October 2009

For those of you that missed out on grabbing a copy, "Niki Gudex on life, riding and more."


Todo Terreno - October 2009

Muchas gracias to all of Niki's Spanish fans that have written in since the popular website published a detailed feature article on her. Niki will be sure to let you know when she's next soaking up the sun and tearing up the trails of Spain. Hasta luego.


Fast Forward Facts
Sport & Style magazine, October issue 2009

"Mountain biker Niki Gudex talks about getting down and dirty on the bike."


A League Of Their Own
Cleo magazine, October issue 2009

"Get to know 10 of Australia's hottest sportswomen." Check out the latest issue of the revamped Cleo magazine. Along with other top female athletes such as Stephanie Rice and Ellyse Perry, Niki talks about her career and nutrition in the body and health section.


Alpha Females
Alpha magazine, September 2009

Alpha magazine has celebrated their 50th Issue by featuring Niki among the 'finest and loveliest sportswomen' that have graced their pages. "Alpha could have dressed Niki up as Donald Duck and she'd still have been sexy. Instead, we went with Plan A".


Bike Skills Classes
August 2009

Niki has been making the most of Sydney's warm winter by tearing up the city's trails with the next generation of Australian cyclists and mountain bikers. Boys, girls, men and women from all age groups are gaining confidence on the bike and improving their skills under Niki's personal attention. So if you're looking to work on your mountain bike technique, or just want to know how to be safe riding on the roads, get coached by a professional. Contact management @ - Group clinics and one on one coaching available.


[R]evolution magazine, Issue 17, August 2009

Niki muses on the positives that can come out of accepting, learning about and rebounding from injury, particularly since they are part and parcel of the mountain bike lifestyle. Learning from the knocks that are part of life.


All Mountain Syncros
July 2009

All bike parts are definitely not made equal. The difference between cross country, all mountain and down hill may be lost on some but for those that know what they like, try the Syncros series of AM stems, seat posts and handlebars. They are great for All Mountain, Super D and long travel trail bikes, made both light and strong. The perfect balance for the rider who wants to go everywhere.


Hawaiian Shoot
July 2009

The natural beauty of Hawaii's North Shore became the ideal setting for Niki to feature in a recent photo shoot. On the same sand and surrounds where the popular Lost series was shot along with movies such as 50 First Dates and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Niki spent four days lapping up the Hawaiian sunshine and surf while shooting a variety of lifestyle pictures.


Hands On
TNL - One HD, July 2009

Niki put her body on the line for Australia's new 24 hour digital sports channel One HD. Appearing on Thursday Night Live's light-hearted 'cop a feel' segment, a fully decked out Niki pedalled herself before three blindfolded guest athletes who had to guess Niki's sport by touch. Luckily for Niki the bike was a quick giveaway with Aussie cricketer Nathan Bracken getting it right.


My Little City Bike
[R]evolution magazine, Issue 16, June 2009

Exploring the MTB world through female eyes. Niki writes it up for The GudeX Files.


A Fairy Fantasy
May 2009

Coming to a bus stop near you! Niki stars as a bicycle riding fairy in an advertising campaign that has been entered for an award at the prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival in France. Covered from head to toe in body paint, Niki had to stand stone still for six hours while artist Martin Bray carefully brushed on the entire flower outfit. The campaign shot by award winning photographers Montalbetti+Campbell for the CBD bike shop Sydney, Australia.


"A Model Mountainbiker"
Crusty Demons magazine, May/June 2009 issue

"Niki Gudex is one of Australia's most talented female athletes. As a professional downhill and cross country mountainbiker, Niki has represented Australia in the World Championships on several occasions; she's even found the time to become a bit of a role model for those just getting into the sport. Yep, Niki is one model mountainbiker..."

Check it out >>>


Two Million and Counting
April 2009

Thank you to all of Niki's fans, old and new, that have checked in with all the latest news and photos of Niki on with the site recently passing the 2 million mark. Wow!
Velo (Hungary), April 2009

From the Hungarian cycling magazine Velo comes this colourful profile piece on Niki.


Cowboy Country
MountainBIKE magazine (Germany), March 2009 issue

Described in the article as 'the most attractive racing driver in the world', Germany's Mountain BIKE magazine is led on a journey by Niki through one of America's secret singletrail paradises in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Come along for the ride here >>>


Niki Launches Third Year of Signature Collection
Spring/Summer 2009 Collection

After two highly successful years, Niki is proud to present her third signature Niki Gudex line with Castelli. Niki's multifaceted career as a professional mountain bike racer, model and graphic designer shows that everything is possible. With stylish women's performance, Niki takes the fashionable, colorful and feminine 2009 Niki Gudex collection to an even higher level.

To purchase any pieces ask your local Castelli dealer or visit the Castelli website >>>


Photo Galleries Updated
March 2009

Catch some of Niki's new adventures by checking in with the mountain bike, model and snapshot galleries. Almost two hundred new images have just been added.


Encouraging Words
BIKE magazine (Spain), March 2009 issue

Spanish mountain bike magazine BIKE profiles Niki in their newest section focused on encouraging women into the sport of mountain biking. In the new columns debut article, Niki tells the sun soaked women of Spain what fuels her enthusiasm for riding some of the toughest trails around the world.

Check it out >>>


The GudeX Files
[R]evolution magazine, Issue 15, January 2009

One great asset to any mountain biker is self belief and basic common sense. Check out Niki's article in the latest edition of [R]evolution magazine. 

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